In the last month or so, my generally confident 5 year old has become very anxious about being somewhere in the house alone. We live in a 2 bedroom condo so there aren’t a lot of nooks and crannies to be fearful of. She started having issues going to sleep alone a year ago, so we’ve been laying down with her since then. She’s occasionally gotten nervous about dark rooms, but usually she’d go and turn the light on while one of us was watching and assuring her. Now even in daylight she loses it about going to the bathroom alone. She’s waking up more frequently because of bad dreams. It’s all seemingly driven by an extremely robust imagination (giant spiders, cobras, all kinds of amazing stories about what’s awaiting her in the unknown) and I think her mind is in overdrive as she’s adapting to kinder. I’m not sure how to best help and I’ve tried a lot to no avail (rationalization, which usually works well with her; monster spray, kissing hand, you name it). Short of becoming her shadow, I’m at a loss and would love suggestions. Ironically she has no separation anxiety with school or staying with my mom, because they’re other people, this is solely not wanting to be alone.