DH got an insane job offer today. Taking the job means a cross country move for us. They want him there and working next month, so he's planning to go up within the next few weeks. He'll do corporate housing for a bit and then we'll rent for a year once we all get up there.

I'm a teacher and our DD is in kindergarten, so the plan is for she and I to finish out our respective school years and join him in May.

Also, I'm 9 weeks pregnant!

I know we can make it all work, but have any of you dealt with a move where one of you went ahead and the other stayed behind. I am freaked out about balancing a house, 6 year old, a pregnancy, and a full time job (teaching and coaching - I work an insane amount of hours) alone for 4 months. My parents are local so they will help out a bunch, I'm sure. But do you have any tips for managing without DH and/or making a cross country move while pregnant?!