I'm on cycle day 29, My cycle is usually 30-31 days. Today I had a bit of brown spotting that is unusual for me before starting AF. I know I ovulated on cd 17 [which is great, I've struggled to ovulate on my own]. My husband and I only had sex once during my fertile period, 3 days before ovulation so I know the chance of pregnancy isn't good. Although I've been off BC for 16 months, we are NTNP right now because we're in the middle of moving to a new city. In fact, my husband moved last week. I would be so happy but so nervous given the big life changes going on right now (new city, new jobs).

Is it possible that the spotting is from implantation or that I might be pregnant? I've had some left side cramping that reminds me of how I felt when I had a chemical pregnancy in December.

Should I wait to see if AF shows or test?