My 22 month old has decided his swim trunks are the devil and FREAKS OUT when we try to put them on him. Like screaming, crying, trying to pull them off the whole time. He wore them fine literally 2 weeks ago so I am guessing this is just a weird toddler phase.

Unfortunately, his daycare has water play 2x a week in the summer (which he loves!) and he has to wear his swim trunks. And we live in Florida and we are going to the beach in 2 weeks for a weeklong vaca...

I think he may not be liking the feel of the liner or the kind of rough feeling fabric that swim trunks have. Also, it seems like all toddler boys swim trunks are super long, like board shorts, below his knees and he doesn't like that.

Does anyone have any recommendations of ultra soft, not too long toddler boy swim trunks? Bonus if I can get them easily from Target or Amazon.