We seem to be at another hurdle at 18-19 months! (I shouldn't complain too much because this is a mild one compared to the sleep problems, throwing food problems...etc. we had!)

LO used to love to walk everywhere and won't even let us hold him. That had been the case since he was able to walk at 11.5 months. We used to be pretty proud that he is such an independent little boy. However recently, I am not sure what happened, he just wants to be held / carried around. When we were outside, he'd reach his arms up and wants me to carry him (which I don't really want to because I am tired, and he's not that light anymore!). If you don't carry him and try to walk quickly holding his hands, he'd try to run in front of you, block you, and continue to hold up his hands wanting to be held (while crying and may get to screaming). There are times I'd give him to DH (as you would give a "heavy bag" to the guy to carry, right?), but LO would struggle and wants to be carried by me. Me only. What????? Why?!!!

While it is very sweet (that he prefers mommy) it is also pretty annoying. Ahh! I also don't like this new behavior because since LO had grown out of the baby stage and is a lot more fun to be around with, DH's attitude changed and he plays a lot more with LO. Now that he prefers mommy more, DH got a bit cooler toward LO again.... argh!!