Hi all! I have the classic issue with a toddler (19 month old) daughter who constantly hits and kicks her older sister, and to a lesser extent, me and her dad. I never had this issue with my 4 year old daughter (who was more prone to tantrums and crying but never really went through a hitting stage), so I’m a little at a loss. My toddler has been prone to throwing, hitting and kicking in anger or frustration for several months, and it seems to be getting worse rather than better. I thought it would improve as her language skills improved but she’s still hot tempered and hits out at her sister with any frustration. Her sister does initiate a lot of the fights with taking toys or not sharing, and we’re working on that as well, but obviously we can’t let the hitting continue while we work on minimizing things that frustrate her. We’ve done mini time outs (a minute in her crib to remove her from the situation), we’ve removed her from situations and talked to her, we’ve tried to communicate that hitting hurts. But nothing is working and I really want to nip this sooner rather than later especially as she’s set to start preschool at the end of summer. I don’t want to have her start hitting other kids in the situation. Any advice? Thanks!