It looks like my kind-of-low-tone, very late walker (she's 21 months and does not willingly walk independently, instead preferring to push around a bar stool/high chair/walker) is going to be getting orthotics. I'm hoping to hear from other mamas with LOs wearing orthotics about your experience - I don't have any terribly specific questions, would just love any tips you can share!

-did you feel like they helped your LO?
-how long did your LO wear them (are they still in them)?
-any tips on getting child used to wearing them/how to wear them?
-did your child have to wear specific shoes with them? how much did you size up in shoes
-any tips on a preferable style/color? It looks like the brand we'll use has tons of cute prints, but I think I'll get her a boring solid so they match better with all her clothes. I know this is so petty, but I'm a total closet mom and she has lots of nice clothing to show off - For her sake, I kind of don't want the first thing people notice about her to be her orthotics, particularly if she wears them long term - but I also want her to like them, so if a print does that, I can sacrifice outfit matching, haha.