My son (2.5) is going through a phrase where he is so obsessive about things, in particular people we know (sometimes not that well!). He will ask from the second he wakes up till he's going to sleep like every 15 min or even more frequently, when we can see them. For example, our neighbor who is 3, I'll call him max. We've played with max maybe 10 times. "Mommy I want to play with max. Where's max? I can't find max. Where's Max's mommy. I want to play with max. I can't find Max's school." (When I told him max was at school so we couldn't play). Yesterday I was making dinner, and he heard max and his mom pull in their driveway. "Mommy! Max is home! I want to play with him!" Fortunately or unfortunately, they were able to play for about 15-20 min while I put dinner on hold, but at least he ran some wiggles out! But then when we got home (had to Carry him in while he cried) still asking every 5min about max.

Anyways, help me not go insane! I don't want to ignore him or snap at him, I try to say some general phrases in a matter of fact way, "it's night time, we spend night time with families, we will play with max another day etc". Is this normal by the way? It's not just max, it's every kid he knows pretty much at different times! Even our elderly neighbors and their cat that we have visited twice.