SO. My twin 3 year olds are still in their cribs. They also still nap. ...Yes, I know I am lucky.

This summer we anticipate doing the crib to toddler bed transition --- sometime AFTER our vacation the last week of June.

Here is where I am nervous. I don't know how to get them to nap/sleep while on vacation. I think at this point they are too old for pack-n-plays. They 100% could climb out - they haven't demonstrated this to me.....but I know it is a likely fact.

At home, nap and bedtime is hit or miss. There are days where they lay down and are asleep before their 15 minute music ends. And other days where falling asleep takes 2 hours and involves all sorts of antics from singing/talking to each other/playing catch with their stuffed animals/stripping off their clothes or pjs/removing all animals/blankets from their crib to form a mountain between their cribs/retrieving said items... etc.

I am not really comfortable with that level of activity in a room alone in their pack-n-plays.

Also - they have ALWAYS slept in the same room with the exception of the days only one has gone to daycare due to illness of their twin.

The rental we are staying in has 3 bedrooms. My parents will be in one. One bedroom (that they shared last summer) has a bunk bed with a full mattress on the bottom bunk. The other bedroom has a queen mattress on a normal bed frame.

The option I am mulling around with right now is that we split the twins between my husband and I and each take one child to co-sleep for the week with.

- drawback would be introducing co-sleeping as an option since it really hasn't been a thing for them...worried what they would expect when we return home.

-drawback would be that I would effectively have to nap with them instead of having some chill time of my own since they have never slept in a bed before. I would also have to go to bedtime with them instead of hanging out with my extended family.

Another option would be to bring the pack-n-plays and put them in separate rooms for nap & bedtime. This worries me because I don't know how they will react to being apart like that. However, being in a pack-n-play I wouldn't have to stay in bed thru nap/bedtime. I would stay within earshot as they fell asleep to make sure they aren't being unsafe, but I think the antics will be less without their partner in crime....

-drawback would be that I only own one audio monitor - and I would imagine we would have static/feedback issues with setting up a second monitor in such a small space?