My son is 19 months and I feel like normally a pretty “easy” kid. He sleeps well, travels well and plays well with other kids. But lately he has been having just massive tantrums that go on for like an hour. He doesn’t hurt himself or us, he just screams, stomps and will sometimes throw a toy or food. He doesn’t want to be left alone, but then won’t want to be held. He usually can’t be distracted by a toy or new activity. Sometimes it’s set off by something (like he doesn’t want to eat) and sometimes it seems it’s for no reason. It can escalate so quickly. He just screams. My strategy has been to try and figure out the issue, but when that inevitably fails (there’s almost never a tangible issue I can find), I ignore. And then my heart breaks because I’m ignoring my screaming child and I start to feel even worse. It only seems to be at home. He rarely is unhappy while we’re out. The only thing that calms him is the pacifier which we leave in his crib for sleep so we rarely use that option.

He has pretty normal speech development, although I’m sure he’s still frustrated that he can’t explain exactly what’s wrong. He sleeps great (11-12hours/night and a 1.5-3hour nap). I know of course there will be toddler anger and frustration, but an hour or more tantrum just seems crazy. I feel like a failure and that I can’t even do my one job: to make him happy! Any advice?