What was your experience if you went past 12m?

My first, we were both losing interest and I fed her the last time on the day she turned 18m and was ready to be done. Easy for both us.

My second, he went on strike around 13-14m when we sleep trained him (way too late!) and that ended up being it. He was fine but I was sad it ended that way.

My third just turned 16m and I think we’re done. She had been nursing 3x/day but all the sudden she’s not into latching and wants to fool around and play. I dropped the daytime feeding last week because I was sick of her doing yoga all over me during it but I wonder if it dropped my supply. She started being crazy at the bedtime feeding instead of latching right away and today she did it for the wake up feed, usually our sweet cuddly one.

I’m super torn about it. I’m sad because she’s my last baby, but I also know nursing when neither of us are enjoying it is probably silly. I doubt she’s getting much - my letdown has been super slow - and I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a few months which probably doesn’t help supply.

I guess I’m just not sure if I should try to wait it out a bit. She still wanted to nurse last night when she woke up (usually sleeps through unless sick) and she nursed a lot during lots of recent illnesses.

Ok mostly rambling so just curious how it went for others! I know it’s probably inevitable to feel sad about it. And I know the good things about moving on too.