I'm looking for a carrier to carry my 22month old in. We have a k'tan, and really didn't wear it too much when he was younger, as we didn't get out and do too much. There are many times where DS wants to be carried, but I would like my hands free. Even if it's when I'm cooking dinner, I'd like to try one out! I would do the k'tan, but I think that would only really work using the hip carry, and I'm worried that wouldn't really hold him too well if he gets wiggly.

We don't really do things too often, but it would be a nice option to have. I'd be looking for a decent price (under $100, and DH would definitely find that too high to spend on something we really don't "need"), and I know that Boba is around that price, but don't know of any other options.

We don't have a babywearing group around me (that I can find) so I can't talk to anyone there to try some out, other than going to BBB or BRU.