My almost-13 month old is still not walking, but she's been cruising for a few months and is now standing on her own, so I expect her to walk in the next 1-2 months.

She will be going back to daycare Sept 2, and her new daycare has an outdoor playground with the rubber type flooring--they also have an indoor playroom for bad weather days. I don't think they take them out when there is snow, but I should confirm that.

Right now at home, she's barefoot all day and I only put shoes on her to go to the park, just because it's dirty there. I have 2 pairs of StrideRites that she's about to grow out of, so I'm looking for something in the next size up for daycare.

I'm been checking out SKR smaller, Pedipeds, and Robeez. Robeez are super cute in general but I'm wondering if the softsoles will be fine for outside at daycare? And are they slippery at all on hardwood or tile floors?

Are all these brands good and basically interchangeable, or are there features that make one better?

And how about sizing? I'm probably going to order online, so if you have any tips about sizing (like they run small or run large or run wide) let me know.