Which toys were a complete win for you this year? Which did your kiddo not care at all about?

My daughter (3.5) is totally in love with the Thomas the Tank wooden train set that she asked for from Santa. I'm pretty pumped because I put a lot of effort into putting different brands together to make it more affordable. I got different off brand wooden tracks and freight cars and then I just got the actual Thomas brand to get the characters.

She wasn't very into the Slumberkins I splurged on though. I kind of figured it might take her awhile to care about it though and really got it more for the educational aspect of the books that go along with it. She was also disappointed with a dress up Elsa dress my grandma got her since she already had one and wanted an Anna dress. Luckily my Grandma wasn't there for the unwrapping because my daughter had a fit about it. Pretty embarrassing, but I was able to quickly calm her down and get her to try it on for a photo. 😬

DS is only a baby and didn't have any clue what was happening, but loves a new teether my mom got him. I'm happy he's into something she got.