We are moving at the end of the month from our little city apartment to a house we bought in the suburbs. I'm excited to have our own place and have somewhere to put baby #2 when she comes, but so, so sad about pulling my 20-month-old out of his daycare. He's been there since he was 14 weeks old and they love him and he is crazy about everyone there, when he shows up in the morning the other toddlers jump and shriek his name and run to hug him and take his coat off, and the caregivers adore him. The house transition I'm less worried about, but still... I just keep thinking that this is all he's ever known and his world seems so big to him. We have a new daycare lined up that I think is going to be very nurturing, but I'm so scared about hurting him by taking him away from all his little friends.

Anyone who has moved around this age--do you have any tips or words of advice?? Anything you did that made it a little easier or softer? (or anything I shouldn't do?) I'd love to hear thoughts on either daycare or house moves. I know people move all the time, and I've heard people say it's easier on the kid than the parent, but I'm super nervous. Thanks in advance.