So #parentingfail tonight for sure. This morning we pulled the toddler conversion kit out of the attic that we bought when we got DD's PBK crib 2.5 years ago. She hadn't yet jumped out of the crib, but she's been throwing a leg over the side and threatening to do so.

Conversion kit didn't even last one night. What in the world do I need to do to get her to stay in it? We just now went to sleep (in the old crib configuration) 3 hours past bedtime after trying solutions for locks on the door, extra blankets, you name it. She just wanted to go in and out of it constantly, run around her room and do anything but sleep. It doesn't help that she can open the door to her bedroom (100 year old house with shitty locks/handles) and roam free in the house.

I was thinking I'd get a baby gate for the door to her room so that even if she opens the door, she can't escape... but I'm not sure that would encourage sleep but rather just discourage free-range toddler.

Help! What works? Or do I just give it more time and run the risk of a crib catapult?