We have a wedding out of state to go to the week after baby girl turns 1. I am having some major late night thoughts about bringing her, it’s really stressing me out! She still nurses a lot through the night (working on her falling asleep on her own but using a gradual gentle method and it’s very slow going). I would love to say that she’ll be sleeping through the night and figured out the falling asleep on her own thing but I just am not that optimistic about it!

I know that she’ll survive and even if she cries the whole time my sister will survive watching her just fine. But I feel so guilty and unsure about it right now!

It’s a super casual wedding and kids are allowed. I feel even more silly because my two other friends who are attending have way younger babies and aren’t batting an eye about leaving them behind. They are the only reason I considered not bringing her, at first I was excited to bring my kids to meet/hang out with friends from college who all live in different states!

I guess I am open to pep talks, encouragement about bringing her, encouragement about following through with not bringing her, whatever! Tips about pumping for comfort and to keep up supply when away from baby without intending to bring milk home are welcome too!