Hi all! For those of you who have treated your anxiety issues, what steps have you taken? I’ve always had anxiety, but I generally was able to manage it by keeping busy, exercise, socializing. A lot of that is off the table right now, at least in standard ways (and I also live in an area with wildfires so walks outdoors are not workable for exercise right now), so my mental health has really taken a dive especially now that I’m helping my 3 and 5 year olds with distance learning and trying to work full time remotely (limited help by husband as his job requires a lot of meetings in the mornings). I think it’s starting to manifest in physical health issues or at least exacerbate some issues like acid reflux and potential asthma, so I’m starting to think I need a better way to manage. I’m open to talk therapy once I find the right therapist, but if you also relied on medicine, who do you talk to? Your GP? Is that something a therapist (if not a medical doctor) suggests in consultation with a GP? How do you know which treatment to try first? Thank you!