O's been potty trained for quite a while, maybe 8 months or so? She does really well most of the time, though still has occasional pee accidents, mostly if she gets too busy playing to remember to go, or if she's in a particularly defiant mood and refuses to cooperate. My main question, though, is if anyone has any tricks to getting around resistance first thing in the morning. She sleeps in a pull up, and would happily keep that thing on all morning if we let her. 9/10 days, when we tell her it's time to go on the potty and change into underwear, she refuses. We can usually talk her into it one way or another, but it's a tough way to start the morning and usually ruins the good mood she wakes up in. I've tried letting her wait a bit so we aren't pushing her right when she first wakes up, but that isn't really working. I'm thinking of trying to steer her in there right when she comes out of her room to try to do it before she's awake enough for resistance. Anyone have any tricks?