Why do I do this to myself?

So I promised I wouldn't test early but low and behold while straitening up our basement the other day, DH and I found a random IC. (Not expired.) I told DH to hide it from me. Well I just went to go put something away in the spare room, and he didn't hide it at all! It's just sitting on one of the bedside tables right where we left it when we found it in a box.

So of course I did what any normal, not crazy TTCer would do...and proceeded to race to the bathroom to pee on it. (Or in a cup rather, but whatev.)

I'm either 9 or 10 dpo, and 11 dpt. Would the HCG from the trigger still be in my system? I got a squinter. Again I repeat, why do I do this to myself!? I didn't test out the trigger so I have no idea. I'm leaning on it being the shot giving me a false positive, BUT I'd like to hear your stories anyway! When did your trigger fade out? (I don't know what dose mine was either, but this was my first round of injectables so I'm leaning on not more than 10,000.)