I learned I had miscarried on 7/11. Everything seemed to be going well until 7/8. I went to the restroom while at work and when I wiped I realized I was spotting lightly. This scared me to death, I had such a bad feeling already. I called my Dr and made a same day appointment. At my visit the Dr did an u/s and basically told me that for being 7 weeks my sac was small. She was trying hard to see if she could see my little bean or a heartbeat but after a few tries no luck. She said hopefully at my next weekly visit (which would've been today) we could see more but that at this point I had 50/50 chance of a miscarriage or a successful pregnancy. Knowing this gave me anxiety. As each day passed I noticed I was started to bleed more. I could not wait any longer and just felt like something was off. I called my Dr again and was able to make an appointment for the next day. I think my womans intuition already knew, I was hoping for the best and trying to stay positive but somehow I knew what was happening. I had read so many scary stories regarding miscarriages just to get myself ready. I went in to my appointment Friday with my Fiance. The Dr did an u/s again and broke the news to us as best as she could. We had already miscarried. She said I would probably bleed for the next couple weeks and to take it easy during the weekend. From my experience I have had lower tummy cramps since before I started spotting/bleeding. I tolerated them pretty well so at first I thought it was normal. Eventually my lower back started feeling achy. During my miscarriage I bled heavier than a period for me. I didn't soak through pads but I did notice it was more than a period. I experienced cramps and lower back pain which more than anything just made me feel tired. I felt like I had to lay down quite a bit. At this point today all my pregnancy symptoms have gone away and my the ones from my miscarriage are starting to subside. I notice that Im bleeding less now too. Although this was a horrible and sad experience that I never would want to go through again my miscarriage wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Maybe because I was only a few weeks pregnant. I think the worst is over for me... my hunny and I will be trying again after a couple cycles. I wish you all the best. The best support system for me has been my Fiance and my family. I thank them so much for that. I couldn't do it without them.