My baby boy is 8 months old. He was conceived with the assistance of my third IUI cycle, and first cycle of injectibles. I had just turned 35 when I had my son and it took us 20 months to have him in our arms.

I'm ready to be pregnant again. I'm not wishing any time away, I'm just ready to have our second child. I wanted to be "easy breezy" and just not try, not prevent - look at me, I can just enjoy having sex and think that MAYBE I'll be lucky enough to get pregnant without medical intervention.

But my's filling up with all of the same anxieties I began to have after that year marker when we were TTC #1. And those same feelings I had when I realized, "It's time to call an RE" are starting to build up too.

I know there's no rush. But we all have our life plans right? And I'd love to have 2 kids before I turn 37.

So I'm trying to decide, take it easy and enjoy the process for a few months (ha!) (I just got my first period after pulling the goalie again and I'm amazed how sad I am...) or go ahead, call the RE, and get back in there.

I think my only hesitation in going back to the RE already is that, if the IUI process doesn't result in success this time around, we are faced with deciding if we go ahead with IVF or accept that we are 1 and done.

I had no idea that these feelings would come back so vivid, strong and soon after conceiving our first son.

I really despise infertility and the monthly roller coaster.

If you conceived with fertility treatments for #1, how and when did you decide to return to the RE for #2?