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TTC 6 months + February: Love and BFPs

  1. WinterBee

    persimmon / 1071 posts

    @delight: I find the letrozole to be fine. I had no side effects from it. That's part of the reason why I wanted my dose to be increased, but my doctor wants me to go another month on the lower dose before we increase it.
    Last month I just had the blood work done.
    This month I'm using OPKs, I have an ultrasound scheduled for day 10 to check my follicles, and I'll be getting progesterone blood work done too.
    Hoping this is our month!

  2. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @WinterBee: Has your doc. considered using progesterone supplements for your short LP? I have consistently short LP's and I'll be trying it next cycle. I've heard that it has helped a lot of women though!

  3. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @Winnie13: progesterone has been amazing for my cycle. It has made my LP go from 8/9 days to 14! I hope it works for you.

  4. WinterBee

    persimmon / 1071 posts

    @Winnie13: He hasn't mentioned anything about it. I didn't know I had a short LP, I just assumed it was normal. I suppose I'll know this cycle with the OPKs.
    I'll have to remember to mention that to him though. Good luck taking them!

  5. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @WinterBee: oh, girl! Look at me! I just read low progesterone count and instantly thought short LP... Not even that it just meant you didn't O! Sorry for jumping to conclusions! Hoping the next round of Femara does the trick!

  6. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @delight: So glad to hear that!! Hoping it lengthens my LP for sure!

  7. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    Ok so I tested this morning and didn't see anything and said I wouldn't test again until Wednesday. I caved and there is a light line. It's within a few minutes so I don't think it is an evap. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks. Seems to good to be true that it would happen the cycle before we start meds.

  8. bloved

    persimmon / 1114 posts

    @delight: I am a total lurker here, but that is definitely a positive! I don't even think it is a light line for a wondfo! Fingers crossed for you and wishing you lots of luck!

  9. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @bloved: ahhhhh! I feel like I am going to puke I'm so scared. I'll pick up a frer tomorrow.

  10. Torchwood

    pomelo / 5607 posts

    @delight: POAS thread stalker- I see it clearly!! Sending you so much sticky dust! And some calm dust. This is such a scary stage of things.

  11. simplyfelicity

    cantaloupe / 6634 posts

    @delight: Another lurker but I just have to say that I hardly ever see test lines on wandfos and I can clearly see it! You are most certainly pregnant! Congratulations!

  12. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @delight: oh wow! Congrats! I got so excited when I saw your photo sending you healthy, sticky vibes.

  13. Crystal

    grapefruit / 4028 posts

    @delight: ooooh! I see it! Get a frer tomorrow!

    Work has been insane lately, sorry I've been MIA. I'm hoping to O this week, and my edd is a week from today, so I have lots of emotions going on.

  14. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @Torchwood: @simplyfelicity: @QBbride: @Crystal: thanks ladies for the support. Of course I am terrified. One day at a time!

  15. sslm

    cantaloupe / 6397 posts

    @delight: Definitely see that line!! Stick baby stick!!

  16. ms.line

    pear / 1770 posts

    @delight: Ahhh! Fingers and toes crossed for you!

  17. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    @delight: ahhhhhhh I see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessssss!!!!!!!!!

  18. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    @delight: I see the line! Omg, congrats, mama!!

  19. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    Playing catch up here...

    @Winnie13: I'm on CD14, waiting for a positive opk. I'm guessing it may be positive tomorrow or Thursday. Same protocol as last month: letrozole + IUI + Progesterone beginning 3dpo. No advice on the trigger, as that's not in our protocol. Good luck, though!!!!!!!!!!

    @Plainpistachio: Hopefully your DH's SA goes well - it's nice to be able to potentially rule that aspect out!

    @Ajsmommy: I think it's always worth bringing up letrozole to your doc to see his/her thoughts on the drug. Different docs have different preferences, though. My doc wanted to start with clomid. Since my response was wacky (no positive opk's, horrendous side effects), she opted to switch me to the letrozole.

    @WinterBee: Sorry about AF. Are you keeping the same dosage this month? Nevermind, just read page 5. Hopefully round 2 works for you!!

  20. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    Thanks ladies! Took another wondfo today and it was darker and very pink. I haven't told DH yet because he had hockey last night and left for work before me. Trying to figure out how to tell him in a fun way. I'll do a frer tonight or tomorrow and call my RE sometime early next week.

  21. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @doxielove: good luck with your IUI!

  22. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @delight: Omgoodness!!!!!! Congratulations!!! That is amazing!! Praying this is a sticky bean!

  23. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    Just had my monitoring apt, cd11 and lead follicle is 22 mm, then there are 18 mm, 15 mm and 13.5 mm. The nurse said my lining is a little thin, probably due to the clomid so they gave me estrace to use to get it thicker. I'll probably trigger tonight or tomorrow. Here's hoping one of these follies is my golden egg!!!! Not sure what we'll do if we don't get BFP bc this is our last TI cycle.... we'll have to meet with the RE to form a plan. But lets hope we don't get to that point!

  24. WinterBee

    persimmon / 1071 posts

    @delight: Ahhhhh!!! So excited for you! That's great!
    @doxielove: Me too! Thanks! Good luck with your OPKs, you're about a week ahead of me. I'll be taking my last letrozole pill tonight and starting OPKs this weekend.
    What time of day do you take your letrozole?

  25. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    @WinterBee: I took the letrozole in the morning. No rhyme or reason behind it, that's just when it was convenient for me/I remembered.

  26. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @Crystal: Praying for you! I can't imagine how difficult next week will be! Do something special for yourself. Hoping you O soon!

  27. LibbyLou

    kiwi / 739 posts

    @Ajsmommy: good luck! Those sound like great follicles.

  28. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @Ajsmommy: So exciting! Hoping you get your BFP!

    @Doxielove: Thanks! Have you gotten a pos yet?

  29. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @Ajsmommy: best wishes mama! I hope you get the golden egg this month!
    @Winnie13: @WinterBee: thanks ladies. I'm optimistic but still scared.

  30. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    @Winnie13: I got a positive this AM! IUI is scheduled for tomorrow at 9am.

  31. Crystal

    grapefruit / 4028 posts

    @Ajsmommy: fx for you!

    @doxielove: yay! I hope this is it!

    I'm still waiting to ovulate. Hopefully it will happen Saturday. I finally got a "high" on my CBEFM, but I usually have a few days of that before I get peak, so I'm worried O will be late.

  32. KrzyRiver

    apricot / 276 posts

    @delight: Yay!! Im so happy to see this!

  33. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    @doxielove: fingers crossed for you!!! We'll be in the dreaded tww together!
    @Crystal: hope you o soon!! Have you or will you be able to dtd with good timing??

  34. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @doxielove: good luck!!
    @Crystal: good luck! I'm praying for you so much!

  35. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @KrzyRiver: thanks so much!

  36. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    @Crystal: What CD are you?

    @delight: @Ajsmommy: Thanks! I can't believe it's almost March. Can't wait to POAS in 2 weeks!!

  37. WinterBee

    persimmon / 1071 posts

    @doxielove: Ahhh cool. I take mine at night before bed because I read there's less side effects when you take it at night, but I haven't had any side effects at all.
    @delight: Wishing you the best of luck!!

  38. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    Positive thoughts please ladies. I had another monitoring apt yesterday and my follies had grown and the nurse said I might have 4 (FOUR!?!?) mature.

    I triggered last night so TI last night and tomorrow. Lets hope some conception takes place this time!

    ETA: my lining looked good. The meds worked great so that it got thicker in just one day! The nurse was very pleased to see how much progress I'd made in just 24 hrs. They are keeping me on the meds soooo maybe this will be the little extra help I needed for implanation..

  39. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    Overall my IUI went smoothly. My doc did have to use a clamp to straighten my cervix out (OUCH!!). Now we wait!!

    @Ajsmommy: Awesome, sounds great! Good luck!!!

  40. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    @doxielove: great news!! hoping for bpf's for us both!!!! sorry for the clamp
    Let's hope the tww flies by!

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