I just had my 6 week postpartum visit and my OB and I discussed birth control. Since we are done having kids, I want to get my tubes tied. (DH is getting a vasectomy as well -- we want double protection ha). My OB mentioned that now they also offer completely removing the tubes instead of just cauterizing them, because it is thought to dramatically lower your risk of ovarian cancer. The downside is he said the recovery is longer/worse with getting them completely removed.

I had a pretty rough and complication-ridden recovery from my straightforward and easy vaginal delivery this time around, so the idea of going for the more invasive / harder recovery option is not appealing to me at all...but on the other hand I also know a lot of people who have gotten ovarian cancer and if it really could reduce the risk its seems like it would be worth it.

Have you done either as a stand alone surgery (not as part of a c-section)? How was the recovery? Or have you weighed these options and decided yourself?