My guys are 2.5 and still in cribs. The last few weeks have been...different. Fighting bedtime but eventually going down. They do stay put in their cribs but they will bang on the walls and sometimes scream...mostly chatting, though. Now they're in this phase where they want their blankets laid over them, then they'll throw them out of the crib, then scream for DH or I to come give them their blankets. Questions:
1) is this reason to transition to toddler beds? Sometimes they're awake an hour past when we put them in the cribs. I'm thinking maybe if they were free to play in their room they'd be happier?
2) when did you switch to toddler beds/floor mattresses/whatever other options there are?
3) Am I just overthinking this? They used to go down so easily. We have already moved bedtime a little later. I just feel personally so "on edge" until I know they're asleep.