Hi everyone, this is my first post ever. I found out at 10.5 weeks that my baby had no heartbeat, meauring 10w6d, so it must have happened that day or the day before. I was violently sick the week before and thought this pregnancy was going well b/c I had terrible morning sickness. It was quite a shock, then had D&C two days later, fast forward two weeks, I knew things weren't right as I started having heavier bleeding, Doc said to wait a few days, I go back in, they tell me I have tissue remainging, try Misoprostal, I took it, it was crazy how much blood and huge palm size clots came out, I thought for sure it came out, but it didn't, two days later had to have a 2nd D&C. Now, here I am 5 weeks from the first D&C and two weeks from the 2nd. Has anyone TTC immediately after taking Misoprostal? Im worried b/c its a drug but I really want to get pregnant again. It took us 7 months to get pregnant and Im almost 36. I have one healthy baby girl who is almost two.