DH and I are likely trying for baby #3 at some point, and right now I’m debating on whether I want to try for a two or three year age spread. Our first two kids are three years apart and I LOVE it. Our first was definitely more challenging, and also didn’t sleep, so by three years she had calmed down a bit, was sleeping better, and was able to be more independent when her sister arrived.

DD2 is 13 months, and the total opposite temperament wise. Super chill and easy since the beginning, and I can see it being fine with her having a younger sibling at 2.

I was pretty set on having another three year spread for a few reasons, but I can see the advantage of just getting the pregnancy and infant years over with at this point. Plus I’m not getting any younger. Age isn’t a huge factor (I’m in my mid 30’s), but something I’m thinking about.

So, for those of you with a two or three year spread, what did you like/not like? It’ll be especially helpful to hear from those of you with three or more children!