A few weeks back, I posted about the Surface 2. Although I had major problems with Microsoft, I was convinced the tablet itself is what I needed. For what I intended to use it for, it looked great! But as I'm restoring it to factory settings (before I pack it back up and return it), I figured I'd update here in case someone else is crazy enough to think it's good.

- It gets hot. The back gets hot when I play an app. An app! I read this is a common problem.
- The camera blows. I know the specs. It's supposedly good compared to iPad, but it's not. It doesn't focus well (you can't click on it to focus on an object) and the pictures look horrible in natural lighting!
- I knew the apps on the MS sucked (and very limited), I thought I was passed that, but I didn't realize they were buggy. They crash. All the time.
- Skype has an echo in certain angles because of the mic/speaker placement. I don't hear the echo, but the person I'm calling does (my mom in this case). It may be because of the wind, but I was in a protected area, not just standing there in the open. This has never happened on any other device!
- It doesn't come with all languages pre-installed. I had to download English. I ended up buying it locally and it only had Nordic languages. I looked it up and it seems everyone else that's bought it abroad had the same problem.
- I'd doubting the durability of the kick-stand.
- Screen bleeding. It's the first thing I noticed.
- It's slower than I expected. It's not as fast as the iPad -- regardless of whatever tests people have posted online.
- The mic is a tiny hole in the screen by the camera. A physical hole for crap to go inside.
- The battery life is way lower than I expected. I think it doesn't go into sleep mode like it should. Apparently, other ppl have the same problem. Another thing I wish I read beforehand.

+ It comes with MS Office full version
+ It comes with Skype global 1-yr subscription
+ 200GB of cloud space
+ It's thin
+ The keyboard (sold separately) is really nice! I actually love the keyboard! It's snaps on and off easily (magnetic).
+ The charging cord is also magnetic and attaches really easily. My iPad's cord was a little loose because of the pressure applied to it every time I put it on.
+ It looks good and I liked the slightly larger dimensions.
+ It's half the price of the cheapest Macbook Air.
+ USB outlet
+ extra memory slot
+ It has MS Office (I've said that already, but it counted double for me).

In conclusion: If you're looking for an affordable tablet that can double as a light-work station, just stuck it up and pay the MS Office subscription for iPad!