So I am trying to debate when to throw in the towel on the Clomid and go to another recommended RE. See this is month 4 on Clomid, Cycles are normal 27 days ish with a luteal phase of about of about 11-13.

I am really hoping this month or one of the next two months will do the trick (this month plus two more would be the max of 6 months).

My current OB has RE experience so we have done the basic tests, the Fallopian tube (dye catheter) test, ultrasounds and so on all came out fine. Then progesterone to confirm ovulation. It appears from everything test that we have done confirms that I am ovulating (on the clomid and maybe before without it) and that my SO sperm is ok, (except morphology of 4% which is a bit low). But my OB wants to recommend me a actual RE for more options I can choose to go now after month four or try clomid for two more months after that then go.

But I am 39 (will be 40 in Nov) and this is our 11 month trying. I would say we really did not get the timing down and such until about 6 months ago for sure.

Only reason why I am hesitant to start with the RE is insurance and costs. So far my insurance has covered everything with the OB/RE (as it is initial diagnosis testing. but it does not cover actual fertility treatments. I pay for my clomid script. Which is nothing big. And we have savings but I hear that the RE can cost 5-10K depending on the treatment.

Anyway long story short, can anyone give me an idea of what the next step they went through with the RE are. How were your costs? Were there alot of tests? I am going to call the RE's monday but interested to see what your experiences have been.

Thx and sorry for the long post.