I realize that we just got back from a vacay, but I’m already looking ahead to 2020.

Here’s our situation: DH and I are both turning 40 in 2020. On top of that, his mother is turning 70 and my mother is turning 75, so we’re all having milestones birthdays. I’m thinking of inviting the grandparents to come with us on a big trip in celebration of all those things.

So, I need ideas for a special, multigenerational-friendly trip, where we’ll have a kid as young as 4 and a grandparent as old as 75.

Here are places I’m thinking:
Pros:DH and I have never been and there seems to be a ton to do/see. Seems friendly for all ages.
Cons: it’s still in the US which feels a bit less special, and my mother has been, although it’s been 15 years.

Pros: I haven’t been, so after I cross that off my list my last continent is Antarctica. More pros are some close friends are moving there soon, so we could see them. My mother had never been. Obviously there is a lot to do there. DH lived there for 1 year and would like to revisit his old stomping grounds.

Cons: MILs whole extended family live there. So in-laws have been, but not recently. I’m worried extended family will take up a lot of our time and I really want to do touristy stuff as well, not just meet extended family we’ve never met before.

Sri Lanka:: I would LOVE to go and am pulling hard. I think my mother would love to go and the kids would love to go as well. In-laws haven’t been in a while. It would be a very nostalgic trip for DH and in-laws.
Cons: DH is paranoid and worries it’s not safe. Even though he has lots of friends who live there currently.

Wildcard: somewhere in Europe. Maybe Switzerland or Greece? DHs best friend growing up lives in Zurich now and obviously Switzerland is beautiful in summer. Greece is super different but has the islands and historical sites. Haven’t really thought through the euro destinations much.

Any other suggestions?
Oh and ETA: this is not a long trip—just maybe 2 weeks total. So we can’t have a super ambitious itinerary.