We have a chance to leave my kids with my parents in NJ for a week and go on vacation, just me and DH. They live not too far from Newark airport, and we would go in early July.

Where would you go? We could drive somewhere (although we will have driven 5 hours to get from home to my parents with the kids already), or we can fly out of Newark. Probably we would go for about 5 days. I want relaxing, warm, beach or pool would be fine as long as it isn’t totally overrun with kids (I love kids but this is my first chance to leave mine behind, so...). DH would probably like to golf while I lounge at the pool or beach. Extra bonus points if there is a Marriott option since DH has a ton of points there.

Where would you go? Also I’m done with babies so not terribly worried about Zika but still not super thrilled with the idea either.