The post-partum hair loss is NO JOKE y'all! I'm thinking I should just guy a Flowby so I can vacuum suck all the loose hair directly into the machine so I can spare myself some work!

NEED a new vacuum! We have ALL hardwood (and tiled bathrooms) and the traditional vacuums suck because they often spit half the stuff it sucks right back out on hardwood and tile! I've gone through 2 Roombas and 2 Electrolux Cordless Vacs. I LOVED both while they were working, but I think they just couldn't handle all my hair (and now with the post partum! eek!) I've been using DH's super-old Eureka Vacuum "Broom". Just like the cordless vac, but with a cord, and no spinning thing on the bottom. I think that is the key - no spinning thing! But the canister is teeny tiny and I hate having to plug/un-plug from room to room to vacuum. Ideally, I vacuum every day since we have so much dust and hair.

Anyone with a good recommendation for a cordless or better stick vacuum? If no, I think I'll be going to get another ElectroLux.