I have started looking into strollers for our LO (not arriving until September, but I am getting my research in)
My two current favorites are the Uppa Baby Vista and Baby Jogger City Versus - but then the other day, on the web I came across the Valco Spark http://www.valcobaby.com/products/strollers/model/spark.html
It looks pretty amazing on the website - the seat can transform into a bassinet (but it's less expensive than the Uppa) and you can close it with the seat facing any way. It looks like they will (or do now) have attachments so you can use various infant car seats, but I really can't find much information about it.

Does anyone have one? Or have you even heard of it?

If you haven't and you have one of my other top two - why did you choose it? Do you find it a problem that the Uppa only closes with it facing out? That is the one thing holding me back from officially choosing the Uppa (especially since if we wanted we could go to the factory store to get one for less money than online/in stores)

Any and all feedback is much appreciated!