Has anyone else been dealing with extreme stroller tantrums? My son used to love his stroller but the last few weeks every time I start to put him in he screw bloody murder and fights me. He is strong! He arches his back or straightens his legs and screams. It used to happen occasionally but now it's everytime. It's awful because the stroller is my car essentially. I don't drive. If I want to go anywhere more than 10 blocks away I need it because he walks too slow and he is too heavy to carry the whole way plus wont let me carry him the whole time anyway. He is 15 months in a week. Any suggestions? All that seems to help now aside from kit forcing him in (which is awful) is to put on a DVD while I sit him down. He is usually okay in there once we start pushing him around although he can seem a bit catatonic and upset sometimes at first.