How many mamas on here have had, attempted to have, or are attempting to have a VBAC?

What helped you prepare? Did you do anything differently than with your c-section birth?

My first was a c-section for failure to progress after making it to 9.5 cms that I do not feel was necessary. It's a whole saga that makes me emotional to relive - suffice to say, I knew I wanted something different for any future births while in recovery from my first.

I am planning on seeing a chiropractor well versed in the Webster method in the last month or so of my pregnancy, I have hired a doula, and I am seeing a group of midwives who practice out of a hospital with great c-section/VBAC rates. I have been listening to lots of podcasts about the good/bad/ugly of all forms of childbirth (specifically, The Birth Hour and The VBAC Link). I am taking frequent walks and using a standing desk at work whenever possible. I am telling myself that if I am as prepared and knowledgeable as possible and still end up in a c-section, I wont feel as unsettled about it this time around - however, I know I would be very disappointed.

I'm wondering how I should be directing my energy - should I be thinking that this will be a successful VBAC and only think positive things? Should I be accepting of whatever happens is meant to happen? Am I over-preparing or getting my hopes up?

Any thoughts on the matter and/or personal experiences in this realm of childbirth are greatly appreciated!