After being well for 2 weeks, LO started another round of vomiting + eating very little again.

He was 18.8 lb at 9 month check up. at 10 months at the GI appt, he was 18.1 lb. Today we took him in because of the vomiting, he's 17. 13 lb, With his dry diaper on. He's 10.5 months.

He vomited 3 times this morning. He barely kept down food. He's still smiling and playing though. Although I can now see his rib cage.

When he was gaining weight poorly, everyone assured me he's fine and say, at least he's not losing weight! Now he's losing weight, they are still saying he's fine. My nanny said at least he's not throwing up blood! My friend said at least he's still playing! Yeah. I don't know.

Why hasn't this turn the corner yet?

I cried this morning. I am sitting here supposed to be working but I just can't. I don't have a question on this post. I just feel like venting.