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VOTD - share your weekend view!

  1. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    Out for a walk

    @BabyMats: soo cute! That must be tough, twins and a toddler!

  2. rosegold

    apricot / 428 posts

    @MrsB2012: the view!

  3. tinyperson

    pomegranate / 3858 posts

    @Mrs. Champagne: Canadian!

  4. HTownMom

    kiwi / 558 posts

    @chopsuey: joining in on that amazing playroom envy! Thought that was a PBK or LofN pic!

    We went to the pool with Nana today to do a little bday celebrating (since not doing a party) for turning 2!

  5. mrs.shinerbock

    pomegranate / 3779 posts

    @HTownMom: sounds like a fun day.

    I'm hanging with some girlfriends at the San Diego Zoo.

  6. Charm54

    cantaloupe / 6885 posts

    We are so lucky to live 2 mins from the beach with the most amazing sandbars to walk and play on...the winters here suck but days like this make up for it!

  7. MrsSRS

    nectarine / 2987 posts

    Nursing DD while DS naps and DH showers. Family outing to a county fair this afternoon!

  8. MrsH

    honeydew / 7667 posts

    Loving that newborn smell.

  9. wrkbrk

    pomelo / 5084 posts

    @rosegold: chalet in the woods for our 2 day babymoon!!

  10. Dandelion

    watermelon / 14206 posts

    My husband is having his appendix out and I'm all by my lonesome waiting on him. Luckily, my mom has my kids. I'd rather be alone in here than waiting with them.

  11. winter_wonder

    persimmon / 1479 posts

    @wrkbrk: looks beautiful and so relaxing!

  12. MrsYellowJacket

    apricot / 378 posts

    DH finished the grout on the tile. He's certainly outdone himself on this one! Love our laundry room. He did a custom cabinet on the back wall with a hidden trashcan and pull out ironing board. This has been a few weekends in progress.

  13. yoursilverlining

    eggplant / 11824 posts

    At the Newport Jazz fest this weekend. Live music, good food trucks and this view!

  14. rosegold

    apricot / 428 posts

    @yoursilverlining: have always wanted to go!!

  15. rosegold

    apricot / 428 posts

    @MrsYellowJacket: whoa!! nice.

  16. rosegold

    apricot / 428 posts

    @wrkbrk: waaaant

  17. yoursilverlining

    eggplant / 11824 posts

    @rosegold: do it! It was fantastic!

  18. rosegold

    apricot / 428 posts

    at nana's with the kiddies. zen room, complete with a jacuzzi!

  19. namaste

    persimmon / 1313 posts

    DD is playing all over the living room.

  20. HTownMom

    kiwi / 558 posts

    @mrs.shinerbock: yay, girls trip!

    @MrsH: so cute!! Miss that smell!!


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