Hi all,

Just another post on postpartum weight loss

I had baby #2 four months ago now, and I'm still 15lb over my pre-preg weight, and a few more off my pre-both babies weight...

I know it's possibly not the right time to be worrying about it, since I am EBFing. But I've had no supply issues. And didn't last time.

We have been eating paleo ish for a few months now & I'm devastated that I've hardly lost any weight even after cutting out dairy/grains/legumes and a whole lot of sugar (I still have my moments with chocolate though), but I figured breastfeeding would help! I just want to feel like myself again

Has anyone had any experience with successfully losing weight on paleo/primal? Did you need to do intense exercise too? I'm only walking at the moment as don't have much time for anything else.

It seems to be taking so much longer than first time ( where I successfully used a reduced calorie diet over a couple of months). I did remember the last bit of the weight came off only after weaning so maybe that's what's happening again?

Thanks for reading and in advance for any help.