My 32-week preemie came home from a 7-week NICU stay on Thursday. He'll be 40-weeks corrected tomorrow. In addition to coming early, he's got some neuro and genetic anomalies of unknown clinical significance (aka, could mean anything or nothing). So far, he's very, very different from my first kid.

My newbie basically eats and sleeps. He's awake, alert, and interactive for a few brief periods each day (...and night). He makes a lot of fussy, grunty noises about gas/pooping, but only actually cries if he's hungry, cold, or really f$cking done with tummy time.

Is this what "normal" babies are like?

My first was a refluxy, colicky mess. He was usually screaming if he wasn't nursing. He cried upwards of 5 hours a day for his first 4+ months. And he didn't sleep so well -- usually only 6-8 hours per 24 and mostly in stretches of 40 minutes or less.

Do siblings come with such different temperaments? Or is this about being a preemie even though he's term now? Or does this portend that his genetic and neuro stuff is negatively impacting him?