We live in the north east where from October-now I've pretty much gotten away with dressing LO in a fleece or hoodie over her clothes and sometimes a blanket to go to and from places in the car seat.

This week temps are dropping into the 20's and we typically travel to and from daycare in the dark. She's really only outside the walk from house to car and car to school.

She has lots of coats - 2 pea coats, a ski jacket with fleece liner, a puffier cord coat, a puffer vest. They all seem too bulky or puffy for her to wear in her car seat. I am I being to overly cautious? Do i put the coat on to get her to the car, then take the coat off strap her in and when i get to day care put the coat back on to get her inside?

Last year she was an infant and we had the JJ Cole bunting over her infant seat plus a blanket. Now she's in a RF convertible seat.

There has to be an easier way....