DS is 28 months and has been in his 2s classroom for just over a month when they did a big group transition. He is happy and safe there, but it's been bothering me that his main teacher is often solo at drop off or pickup. This results in a chaotic environment that doesn't seem to be getting any better. The teacher is often yelling (not angrily, just loudly) to get the kids to listen.

DS is potty training at home and doing really well, but I end up host sending him in pull ups because they don't seem to have time to make him sit on the potty. She says he tells her no, so she leaves it at that, but he'll sit on any potty if I tell him firmly he needs to.

I've been told the max ratio is 1:8 for that age which is in line with IL state standards, but they advertise NAEYC accreditation which should have lower ratios. I plan to bring up my concerns with the director, but I don't want to get the teacher in trouble or cause I don't think it's her fault.

Any advice for me? I don't think there's any safety issue that would make me pull him out, but this is a pretty high end center and I think they can do better.