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After 3 months, I look back and laugh at how naive/clueless i was pre-baby. Some things i wish i knew (some of which are similar to those on the post):

1. Half of the registry items will be useless. Like those cute but small swaddle blankets that don't exactly contain the LO? The best gifts were from the moms who passed on stuff that worked best for them.

2. Don't even bother having a post-partum workout schedule until after you have the baby. I had planned on being ready to run a half-marathon in September. I hadn't counted on a labour that wouldn't allow me to run until 3 months later.

3. Read as much as you can about babies and sleep, because you may not be lucky enough to get a good sleeper...and you won't have time to read all those books after the baby comes!

What do you wish you knew?