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What do I say to moms who stare silently/give the stink eye to LO's hearing aids?

  1. irene

    nectarine / 2964 posts

    I am so sorry, what is wrong with people Hugs!!!

    If they kept turning around to look at you, I would say, is there something bothering you? Just wondering why you keep turning around to look at us.

    I like the idea of the cards too! You should have a nice stack and a mean stack. For the mean stack you write, "hi, these are my hearing aids and no, I am not contagious. If you have questions please do ask my mom about them! We prefer warm hellos than cold stares :-)"

    I know, I am not really smart at getting back at people but huge huge hugs.... Seriously what the heck is wrong with people.

  2. gingerbebe

    cantaloupe / 6131 posts

    I would stick my face in front of my son's in the path of her gaze and say "Can I answer any questions about my son's hearing devices?"

  3. Applesandbananas

    pomegranate / 3845 posts

    @spaniellove: His TOD says it's our job to educate others but I don't know if I totally agree. At one point, I was considering cards or something like that, but as he's gotten older, I feel like the questions have gotten less frequent, or maybe it just hurts less as I've gotten more used to it? I will say, now that LO is more aware (he's 2) if someone stares, he will say hi or hide his face (depending on his mood!) and that seems to break the ice too or maybe it shows them he's just a normal toddler!

    A lot of people seem shocked that babies and toddlers can wear hearing aids!


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