What did your LO's put on their Santa list this year? Do you have to "coach" them at all on what to put (or not put!)?

DS, 8, wanted an XBox or an Iphone which I had to tell him was too expensive for Santa to get, and with a phone leaves monthly payments for mom and dad so he wouldn't do that.
I had to coach him to put some cheaper items on his list. He settled with a hoverboard and galaxy star projector and a R/C truck (he's getting the first 2).

DD, 5, wants a nursery set (which she actually got the same one 3 years ago and I sold it last year because she never played with it!), makeup, and a Barbie house (she has a doll house already so Santa is not bringing that one, she's getting the first 2 items).

Santa brings 1-2 items to our house and the rest come from mom and dad.