I've found that if I'm woken up around 2am/3am, I can't fall back asleep until 5am (when the alarms start going off...) I've been like this since I had kids, but it's worse now that I'm pregnant again. I'm a super light sleeper and DH is a very heavy sleeper, so obviously I'm the one that always hears the kids when they wake up.

I usually just lie in bed and try to fall back asleep for at least the first hour, but I've also gotten up to do stuff around the house, or started browsing on my phone. Regardless of whether I lie there or am active and despite the fact that I am exhausted and yawning, I can't seem to fall back asleep until 5. I know the phone wakes people up, so it's rare that I do that (but it doesn't seem to change me getting back to sleep or not).

Do you have any tricks for getting yourself back to sleep?