I'm about 28 weeks pregnant and for the last few months have been struggling to sleep well. I go to bed exhausted around 8:30-9:30 PM and by 1AM, I wake up having to go to the bathroom. After that, I often struggle to fall back asleep. I'm either up for hours or I'm tossing and turning restlessly the remainder of the night. This is easily happening 4-5 nights a week.

You guys, I'M EXHAUSTED. I have a toddler at home and WOH FT so napping is tough. I've tried cutting off electronics, doing yoga, taking a bath, limiting fluids, breathing exercises, etc. My husband is sleeping in another room to give me more space. Some of this helps sometimes, but not with any consistency.

If you struggled with this, what did you do? I have a midwifery appointment coming up and at this point I'm open to considering any options that might help.