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What do you drive? Is it kid friendly?

  1. Sunshine1810

    pear / 1556 posts

    I drive a 2010 Toyota Prius. It's not bad actually. Everyone thinks that they are small, but they are actually pretty roomy on the inside, and I can store a lot with the hatch back. I am sure I'll want a bigger car at some point, but I think it will be fine when we have kids.

  2. stephanie63087

    apple seed / 4 posts

    i drive a mazda 3 small!!! i know a carseat is tight because i used to babysit my friends daughter.... itll be paid off by next year and then we plan on getting a larger suv crossover.... im thinking either a ford edge or mazda cx7... we shall see! dh drives a jimmy and thats great on space so we can get by i spose!

  3. Liesal

    coffee bean / 25 posts

    We have a Ford Explorer. I think it'll be kid friendly. It's pretty roomy in the back (third row seat and everything!) and we made sure to get this one with a DVD player.

  4. StbHisMrs

    pomegranate / 3329 posts

    When we have the girls (stepdaughters) every other weekend we have 4 kids. The rest of the time we have 2, 9 years old and 1 month old. We had to buy a bigger vehicle, my explorer didn't have enough room, so we bought an excursion. Wow, the thing is huge!! We've got tons of room.

  5. Mrs. D

    pear / 1852 posts

    We have a Hyandai Santa Fe. We got it before kids, but could imagine our future children sitting in the back. I can't wait to put our first baby in there this winter!

  6. hreichard

    cherry / 159 posts

    I have a Chevy Cobalt. It's kid friendly, but when you have 1 more person in the car, stroller in the trunk and groceries, it gets cramped quick. So in the next 3 years or so i want to get an SUV like the Chevy Equinox.

  7. Rescuemom10

    pear / 1965 posts

    I actually just downsizes. DH and I both had SUV's and we drive A LOT! So I sold my car, the car I always wanted and had. : (
    Sold my Acura MDX Touring Edition and got a brand new Honda Insight. I miss my luxery features, but def do love my gas mlg now with having a hybrid. Just needed to be more practical with as much as we drive. DH has a Jeep Compass.

  8. Shutterbug

    grapefruit / 4703 posts

    I drive a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder, and DH drives a Prius (which we both LOVE). I think once we have kids I'll upgrade to something newer with side airbags, etc. I like the CRV and the Murano. If I had a bit more $$ I'd want the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

  9. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    I have a Volkswagen Beetle...definitely NOT kid friendly. It took me 4 trips in my car to get all of our wedding gifts moved. Hopefully in the next year I will be getting either a Prius or a Honda Insight.

  10. Pipers Mommy

    kiwi / 537 posts

    We have a '08 Ford Escape and an '06 Chrysler 300. Only the Escape has a car seat base, so that gets used most often. Our next car will probably be a mini van (my husband is uber excited about this).

  11. Rescuemom10

    pear / 1965 posts

    @Littleacherbee- I went out looking between a Prius and an Insight and ended up getting the Insight. I got the Insight for a few reasons. Number 1 being the price is SO MUCH better than the Prius. Honda is really trying to market them to compete with the Prius (even though Insight was out years before Prius, stopped making for a few yrs though) but the $, as well as I like the Nav and electronics/dash and what not more than Prius. However the one downfall is Insights are smaller than Prius and can def tell in the back seat. If kids are back there its no prob. Our 8 year old loves it. But adults its not as roomy.

  12. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @Rescuemom10: Thanks so much! I'm leaning towards the Insight, too. When my new job starts in January, I will have a 40-minute commute to work each way, so I definitely need a car with better gas mileage. You'd think that a Beetle would get good gas mileage, but mine is only about 27 mpg

    Plus, I also need a car with 4 doors instead of 2 since we are going to start TTC in the next few months. I really like the look of the Insight and the fact that they are less expensive than the prius is a huge plus.

  13. BabyBruins

    kiwi / 551 posts

    I have the Ford Edge and I bought it 1.5 years before getting married knowing we would try to have a baby shortly after the wedding. We hope it will last through at least 2 kids, but both my SILs upgraded from a similar sized car to one with a third row when they had their second kid.

  14. mekarual

    cherry / 116 posts

    Ugh, I have a 2 door car right now. Getting the carseat in and out of the back seat is a HUGE pain. We are waiting until we get our tax refund in early 2012, and we'll be getting an SUV or maybe a minivan. I can't wait!

  15. lemondrop

    bananas / 9118 posts

    After months of research and playing with the budget, we bought a 2011 Subaru Forester in August. I am sooo in love with this car!! This is my first new car and a change from my old high school/college car ('93 Sentra) to more of a kid friendly vehicle. Still have a couple of months until we bring home a baby with it, but I think it will be more than kid friendly, but is still really fun to drive.

  16. EloiseKE

    cherry / 106 posts

    I drive an Infiniti J30 which is nice, but cramped. We just purchased our second car, a Dodge Caravan with power doors and oh man, is it heaven. With baby #2 on the way, we are going to need that space!

  17. LAGS

    clementine / 916 posts

    We have a Ford Explorer and a Dodge Caliber. Both should be easy enough to get kids in/out, with room to pack our gear. I like that the car is a hatchback, that should make life easier, although DH commutes in the car wants me and baby in the Explorer because its better/more safe.

  18. ecogirl

    kiwi / 534 posts

    My car (or as I like to call it, my second husband) is a Porshe Cayenne Hybrid (hence my eco name) and I love it! It's kid friendly and really comfy. Liam passes out in it all the time faster than the other car because it's so quiet and comfortable I think.

  19. bunnylovesbear

    kiwi / 600 posts

    We just bought a new vehicle in June because we decided we were going to start TTC. I have a 10-year old from a previous relationship, and we have a GIANT dog....so my trusty old Camry wasn't going to cut it much longer. We ended up purchasing a 2011 Kia Sorento, and I absolutely LOVE it. It had AWD and rides great. I was a bit hesitant to buy a Kia at first, but after test-driving similar SUVS that were much more expensive, we decided we liked the Kia best...the lower price was just a bonus!

    My hubby is driving my old Camry (2001) in the meantime...he'll upgrade in a year or two. We don't want to go crazy with the car payments because that car's been paid off for YEARS.

  20. AmeliaBedelia

    cherry / 235 posts

    I have a 2004 Toyota Solara - 2 door coupe. Definitely not kid or carseat friendly. We're looking at trading it in soon (since we're not PG, we're more NTNT right now) for something like a Ford Escape. But I also have a crush on the new Kia Optima sedan's. So either a larger, 4-door car or a small SUV.

    FI has a new truck (well, new to us, it's 2004) and it has 4 doors, so it can seat up to six. Five comfortably. So his new vehicle is fine. Yay! He used to have a little Cavalier that not even I would ride in and feel safe, so that had to go. Yay for trucks!

  21. sdrury89

    apple seed / 2 posts

    @bunnylovesbear: I so wanted the Kia Sorento when we started looking at new cars. I love the look of them.
    We got a Jeep Grand Cherokee instead. We have 3 medium-sized dogs and plan to start TTC/NTNT in the next year, so it was time to upgrade from my small Altima. So far I love the Jeep, not as good gas mileage, but I feel sooo much safer in it. Lots of metal around me

  22. brownie

    grapefruit / 4110 posts

    We had a truck and Toyota camry. When DS was 3 weeks old we took him to pick up our new car- Mazda 5. It is a microvan. Less than 30k and almost 30 mpg. It fits us plus our 90 lb and 20 lb puppies. We love it. So much easier to get the baby in and out of than the camry.

  23. Colekbl

    grape / 84 posts

    We have a Mazda 6 & a Jetta which are basically the same car. I think they should be fairly baby friendly (we'll see in june).
    We're planning to keeping these until baby #2, or until DH convinces me that he NEEDS a truck

  24. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    We are a one car family. We have a 2006 Mazda 3. In think it is kid friendly. We'll probably getbsomething bigger once we have 2 kids. That could be a few years though.

  25. ecogirl

    kiwi / 534 posts

    I had a Kia before I got married and LOVED it! Such a fun car and it's really good in the snow.

  26. cyndistar3

    pomegranate / 3980 posts

    Right now we have a Chevy Blazer. It is decently kid friendly but we could definitely only fit one more kid in there. I am hoping after we get going on buying a house to get a slightly larger SUV with more seats.


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