So we're going to drive down to Southern California and the drive will be 6 hours long. DS doesn't particularly love the car seat and we've never been too far with him in the car, so this trip will be a stretch! Sometimes, when he's really really tired, he will fall asleep, but most times, he either fusses or screams when he is tired. Any tips to help us survive this drive and make it easier? We are planning on leaving first thing in the morning when he wakes up as he seems a bit happier in the morning, but I still wonder whether he will fall asleep for his nap. I suppose if worse comes to worst, we can just wear earplugs during the drive, huh? ;P And, as a curious question, how do parents who are against cry-it-out prevent or manage it while on drives with their LO if they're crying? My LO doesn't respond to anything I do if I'm the driver and he's back there alone! >_<