We’re considering driving to see grandparents this summer to avoid the risks of flying. Also cheaper and more flexible. And a trial for someday taking longer road trips for vacations.

However we’ve never done more than 5-6 hours with kids. They are 8, 5 and 1.5. The toddler seems toughest since she’s RF and isn’t as interested in screens.

Overall tips for survival? Product recommendations for watching movies in the car or charging devices? (We don’t have anything built in.) Is this a terrible idea? I want to view it as an adventure but trying to be realistic ...

Thinking maybe I should get some longer audio books from the library for the 8 year old (she gets car sick if she reads), we still have Epic from school which the 5 year old can use to read to him, we can do movies if we figure out a setup, and the toddler will at least for some of the time watch Little Baby Bum on an iPad.

All ideas welcome thanks!