I am about to accept a part-time job after being home for almost 3 years (I have two small LOs). I've done hourly remote contract work in the past, but stumbled upon a 20-25 hour a week gig at an actual (awesome and brand new) office that is hard to turn down. The work is right in my wheelhouse and the people are great.

I'm just having a hard time with a) leaving my kids, who are almost 3 and 5 months and b) the logistics of it all: childcare, the commute, etc. I'll barely break even with the nanny/daycare puzzle so it's really just to give myself balance as a mama and a professional. I feel like part-time opportunities like this are rare and I should jump on it.

Would love to hear how others are managing the work/parenting balance. I hope I can feel balanced and refreshed in both my ability to parent tiny people and have a career!